‘Airpocalypse’ hits Siberian city as heatwave sparks forest fires: Monitoring suggests toxic smoke in Yakutsk is one of world’s worst ever air pollution events

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Fun facts about Yakutsk: It’s the coldest large city on the planet with the lowest yearly average temperature, and the only major city in the world built on permafrost.


Major events where thousands die and 100 thousands get displaced at a time might just become the new normal.


Australia is on fire, USA is on fire, Canada is on fire and now Russia is on fire. “Burn it down” song echo in the distance.


I think this year has had the most natural disasters and extreme weather since ever. It feels like climate change is accelerating


> ‘Everything is on fire’: Siberia hit by unprecedented burning > A heatwave in one of the world’s coldest regions has sparked forest fires > High levels of particulate matter and possibly also chemicals including ozone, benzene and hydrogen cyanide are thought likely to make this one of the world’s worst ever air pollution events. > Local authorities have warned the 320,000 residents to stay indoors to avoid choking fumes from the blazes, which are on course to break last year’s record.