Alabama city leader won’t quit after using racial slur

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Weird how he has a “true definition” of racism he doesn’t provide. I’d think that’d be the first order of business if you wanted to clear your name. For context, this is the same town where the chief of police tried to charge this mayor with assault and had to drop charges because the interaction was on video.


He didn’t just use it, he used it to a black person’s face in an aggressive manner.


>”Do we have a house n%%ga in here?!” i’M nOt a rACiSt!


It’s that time to play “NAME! THEIR! PARTY!” “For 1000 internet points, name Tommy Bryant’s party”


“According to the true definition of a racist, [I am] absolutely not” Bruh you literally used the hard R, in public, towards a black person. I dunno what kinda true definition you got but that’s pretty glaring