Alabama Councilman Utters Stunning Racist Slur In Meeting | “The video speaks for itself,” said Tarrant Mayor Wayman Newton, who is Black.

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So they don’t want to be taught racism is bad, but obviously there’s a lot of them who really need to be taught that racism is bad.


What I find the most upsetting is that: 1) The words spilled out of his mouth in a way that makes it obvious this is his native (racist) tongue 2) The woman he is speaking to and about remains so calm. She’s heard this so many times before that she’s fairly immune when someone “goes there” 3) No one….not one person stood up and told man he was a despicable, racist m*therf*cker


“Utters”… He stood from his chair, gestured directly at a quiet, black woman sitting at the end of the same table 3 seats away and *loudly exclaimed* during a (barely) heated exchange “Let’s talk about the N word! Do we have a house ni**er in here?!” And then proceeded to repeat himself. Yeah…. he “uttered” it alright.


What a pice of shit this person must be in private if this is his public demeanor. If it i had not lived trough the Trump administration, i would have been shocked that a politician would say this in an official manner in 2021. This is who the GOP is. Don’t forget, don’t let them get away with a bullshit excuses about how unacceptable this behavior is. This should be brought up every time a republican speaks and they should be made to answer. Shame them back in to civility. While there will always be racists amongst us, let them feel uncomfortable to be open about it.


Holy shit. People in this thread are like “What, is anyone surprised?” YES. Yes, I am. I hope that I never get to a point where hearing an elected official use language like this (in his official capacity! Jesus Christ!) *isn’t* shocking to me.