Alabama councilman who used N-word won’t apologize, may run for mayor

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That’s the most Alabama thing I’ve read in awhile.


>”It’s according to what your definition of the word racist is. What a lot of the public’s definition is, I might be a racist. But according to what the true definition of a racist is, absolutely not,” he told the station. Racist will always minimize racism because they always see themselves as “good people” so nothing they do can be considered as bad. There’s always a justification.


When California does something dumb, it’s usually in an effort to make society better. Yes, we created the gluten-phobia and we’re (sort of) sorry. When Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Texas… etc… do something dumb, it always seems to be targeted to harm other people. Come on guys, we have a helicopter on Mars. It’s time to be better.


Reminds me of when I moved to Iowa 7 years ago. I heard this story on npr about a town in the Ozarks in Missouri. Some guy was elected mayor *after* going on radio and talking about how Jews own all the corporations and a bunch of nazi propaganda. I just assume the worst of people now


I swear the some of those in generations before X ate lead paint like it was candy. What the fuck is wrong with these old fucks?