Alarming climate change: Earth heads for its tipping point as it could reach +1.5 °C over the next 5 years, WMO finds in the latest study

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There was a 2010 Guardian headline saying that without radical change Greenland’s glaciers would reach an irreversible tipping point. Then a headline this year that Greenland glaciers have gone beyond their tipping point. It’s almost as if climate scientist know what they are talking about.


This is just laughable. By 2065 it will 5.5 degrees Celsius higher on average. We are and have been living genocidally. Its not just a warming climate its vast habitat destruction. Monoculture farming. Poisoning our entire world. Wiping the sea empty. The very systems that keep us alive are being actively destroyed by how we live.


What’s really cemented it for me that we’re fucked is Covid. Not the virus itself but the sheer number of people that can deny something is happening right in front of their eyes on a massive scale, especially the stories of the people who deny it as they are dying from it. I don’t understand how we can compete with such willful ignorance on such a large scale.


This just highlights the need for an co2 scrubber. There is no way companies and the world can decrease to the levels necessary so we need to be proactive and get to scrubbing. Paid for by fossil fuel companies


It’s really difficult to not be emotionally overwhelmed by this. Just, utter existential despair.