All of the recent climate events have hit me thinking about investing for climate change

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I’m invested in energy, clean water initiatives, and battery and metal recycling. Many of these revolutionary companies have a ways to go despite having proven technology. HYSR converts solar energy into hydrogen BLGO seeks a technology for removing “forever chemicals” from water ABML is a lithium ion recycling company American Manganese recycles the waste product during battery production


I went heavy on industrial, materials, home construction and commodities. Im betting on lots of damage and need to repair.


Returns and investing for climate change are not all that correlated. Do you want returns or do you want to fund climate change companies?


Someone on r/UKInvesting was talking about air conditioning companies yesterday. There’s a huge currently untapped market for this in the UK as people have ignored air con up until recent years. It’s very rare to find a house with one. There’s a lot of talks about the fact that we will soon be running out of water, particularly in South America where they rely much more on glacial runoff. There’s also a number of projects in Africa building dams at the moment, in particular the Ethiopian dam project on the Nile. Not sure what the play for that would be, although increasingly there are talks that there will soon (within a decade or two) be “water wars”, assuming we don’t have cost-effective desalination soon. Renewables are obviously a good bet generally although as someone else mentioned you might want to look at component parts like batteries etc for this.


The only solution to fight climate change is nuclear power. Buy it and wait. It’s already up 200% since covid. Also buy land in Canada.