AOC blasts Bezos after space voyage, says that Amazon workers paid for trip with ‘lower wages, inhumane workplace’

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She’s right. Every dollar spent that went to Bezo’s vanity trip could have been re-allocated to higher wages for Amazon workers.


For everyone saying “Amazon didn’t pay for it, Blue Origin did”!! Read the fucking article. >After Bezos’ brief orbital trip, he addressed a crowd while donning a cowboy hat, saying he wanted “thank every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer because you guys paid for all of this.” Bezos said the Amazon workers and customers paid for it, AOC was just responding to him.


Many moons ago, I worked at a company that was at the forefront of Single Stage to Orbit technology (SSTO). The team I was on contributed to a wonderful, for the time, experimental craft, that took off and landed vertically. This was the DC-X. It took off, it landed, and one time, it blew up. Since then, instead of ‘doing rocketry’ like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, that company has shied away from these kinds of things. They pour money into conventional aircraft engines, and the second stage of the Atlas Centaur. Once, I worked on Space Shuttle engines… they last flew for NASA in 2011. TEN. YEARS. AGO. Seeing Branson and Bezos take their site-seeing tours into space made me sad…because, if we hadn’t, as a nation, spent TRILLIONS of dollars on warfare and other stupid things (and don’t get me started…) think of how much further NASA could have advanced. Imagine if we would have put 1,000 X Jeff Bezos billion dollars into a moon base. Or a trip to Mars. Towards ANYTHING… back when a trillion was real money. We could have even spent that TRILLION on green projects, like maybe blocking the sun with space curtains, to cool the planet. Or learning to live with the Earth, instead of off her bounties. But instead, people get jealous of these guys, and pay their taxes, which pay for police to beat the crap out of them for smoking a natural plant. It’s just sad… is all.


“Whitey on the Moon.”


All the things to complain about and you all pick space enterprise are you fucking serious? You complain that billionaires hoard their money (which they do), then one of them spends a billion a year advancing the limits of our technological capabilities and you all lose your shit. What?? Let’s put the sheer technology and wonderment on pause for a minute. Where do you think that money is going? That money is providing jobs to engineers, laborers, miners, manufacturers, everyone along the design and supply sides. Can you imagine if every billionaire pumped ten figures from their personal accounts into these type of ventures every year? I am not here to defend Jeff Bezos the person, but my god it is so ignorant and short-sighted to say that space enterprise is useless. An overwhelming and enormous number of valuable things exist or were significantly developed because we had to figure out how to keep astronauts alive and healthy in space: scatch resistant lenses, artificial limbs, solar cells, water filtration, lasik, hearing aids, proliferation of miniature circuits, aircraft anti-icing, aircraft corrosion detection, highway safety, building safety, tempur foam, baby food, cordless vacuums, freeze drying, cameras in cell phones, exercise machines, openstack, smoke detectors, the list continues. Are you glad that you have these things? Have you considered how many lives they have saved and how much they have improved productivity in the world? This is not even to mention the benefits of satellites and unmanned crafts, which should be painfully self-evident. Maybe we could get good enough with launches that we could reliably send our radioactive waste into space. Maybe we can get better at hypersonic low-orbital travel across the planet to increase globalization. Maybe oh my god I could go on for so long. Then, *on top of that* and even more importantly, the sense of wonder and engineering curiosity it gave to an entire generation of people in the 60s. People who went on to push the boundaries of our capabilities even further, in all sorts of industries. Space is hard. Good things come out of it. You need stepping stones. At the absolute worst going into space will give rich people some perspective. But obviously it doesn’t stop there. Do you ever want to go into space or learn more about the cosmos? This is how it starts. Oh and also it’s pretty nice to get out from under the thumb of the Russians, who have had us by the balls with launches for a while. It fucking pisses me off. There are so many things wrong with the world that are worth complaining about. Venturing into space is not one of them.