Because Superman’s x-ray vision would require his eyes to emit legitimate x-rays, he has the unspoken power of being able to give people cancer.

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I remember seeing a comic strip where all the women at the Daily Planet were diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time. The doctor even speaks out loud that they must’ve somehow been exposed to a lot of concentrated radiation, like x-rays or something on a daily basis for the cancer to show up so suddenly.


You don’t see through things by *emitting* x-rays; you see through them by being able to *perceive* x-rays. There are x-rays passing through us all the time, just nowhere near enough to give a clean picture, and we can’t actually detect them with the naked eye. Superman’s vision must be able to detect and receive images from these rays, that’s all. Also, I mean, the dude’s such a boy scout, if he was actually giving people cancer, he’d probably fly into space and never return, come on.


If he is going to see X-rays the X-rays have to be passing through them from behind and entering his eyes, just like how your eyes don’t need to emit light to see it.


What do you mean ‘unspoken?’ Why do you think Lex is bald?!


Sounds like a Robot Chicken Sketch in the making