California synagogue shooter pleads guilty in deadly attack, will spend life in prison

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Imagine pissing away the rest of your life at only 20ish years old (this happened back in 2019, he’s 22 now) for something as stupid and hateful as this.


Good. May he never be paroled.


The older I get the more I laugh at 20 year olds and their hate-filled manifestos. You’ve hardly lived but you have it all figured out including who lives and who dies? It’s a pity this fucker was able to purchase lethal weapons.


We don’t want to kill lunatics like this, we need to study them to see how they went wrong. Most of them kill themselves at the scene so live ones are actually kind of rare. What we also need to do is ban mentioning their names, manifestos, grievances or anything similar. It is vital that we deny them the fame that they seek from their murders. That’s how we avoid copycats. Better yet, that’s how we avoid teaching the next one that fame and the public airing of their grievances for the next week on cable TV news can be had with a gun or bomb or vehicular ramming or whatever. When we published the unabomber’s manifesto online, we fucked up *bad*.


Wow, was it worth it dude? Going to die in prison after spending 60 plus years in a cell. Geez!