China floods: People trapped on subway trains as city sees more rain in an hour than flood-hit Germany in three days

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These stats are recorded by weather stations across the region. In 1 hr city of zhengzhou recorded 201.9mm of rain. In 3 days it recorded 617.1mm of rain. Zhengzhou on average gets 640.8mm of rain per year. So **Zhengzhou saw a third of annual amount of rain in a single hour, and the annual amount of rain in just three days.** How much water is 200mm of rain in a single hour? Zhengzhou has an area of 7500km2. So 200mm X 7500km2 = 1.5 km^3 of water. Lake Washington in Seattle has a volume of 3.5 km^3. So more than a 1/3 of water in Lake Washington was dumped on Zhengzhou in a single hour. The sky has got a hole in it! No city drainage system is able to cope with that amount of water.


Historic floods in China, historic floods in Germany, historic heatwaves and fires in Canada and the PNW, the Amazon becoming a net producer of CO2.. we’ve hit an inflection point. Climate Change has officially arrived.


Might be about time to do something about catastrophic climate change.


Poor people, being trapped in the metro with such a flood must be a nightmare.


> People have been left trapped in cars and underground train carriages after heavy rain caused widespread damage in central China. >More than 200mm of rain fell on the city of Zhengzhou, Henan province, in a single hour on Tuesday. In the recent European floods, the worst hit areas of Germany saw 182mm over three days. >So far, there have been no confirmed deaths or casualties among the state’s 94 million people – although 10,000 have reportedly been evacuated. >Sky News Asia correspondent Tom Cheshire tweeted: “Very distressing scenes in Zhengzhou right now where there is severe flooding. People trapped in subway – some rescued but other videos appear to show dead bodies.”