Choose between Colorado vs Texas

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All, Please keep in mind that OP specifically asked about pay/cost of living. This is not the place to express your love/hate of Colorado/Texas. Thanks!


Lifestyle question. Outdoors activities? FOCO. Cultural and nightlife? Austin. Hate traffic? FOCO. Hate snow? Austin.


This is more personal than finance, but if you enjoy spending time outdoors Fort Collins will be much much better. There is very little public land in Texas, most of it is geographically boring, and it’s too hot to do much in the summer (which lasts from April to October).


Never lived in Ft Collins but I can tell you a bit about Austin and I’ll sum it up quickly. Austin has great food and a TON to do. If you like clubs, bars, restaurants, music, hiking, kayaking, etc it’s a great town. The 2 gigantic downsides are weather and traffic. The heat can be unbearable (it’s why I now live in MN). And the traffic is god awful in Austin. That town was not built to be as large as it is and it simply does not have the infrastructure to support it. I’ve heard great things about CO. I envy you, you really can’t make a bad decision. Good luck.


Lot of good responses here. Do you work for HP? One thing to consider is that there are a lot more career opportunities in Austin for your type of work.