Couple charged in California fire sparked by gender reveal

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What endless stupidity. Going to jail for being culpable in the death of another person for some bullshit internet stunt….


My buddy had a great reason for not revealing the gender: If everyone knows it’s a boy/girl, they just get you clothes for boy/girl or whatever. If they don’t know, they’ll get you actually useful shit that the baby won’t outgrow in three weeks. Also, you can avoid starting wildfires that kill people.


I moved to a High Desert region, from lush, green, rainy New England. Didn’t take me long to learn about the dangers of wildfires; was watering the garden one rare cloudy afternoon with dry lightning all around us. Saw the lightning strike orange over the hill, and within about 20 minutes or so couldn’t see more than 20 feet for the smoke. Had gathered up the critical documents, wallets, electronics, some clothes and food and water, and were about to evac when a neighbor drove past to let us know the fire had been contained. Adjusting to the new fire awareness after that was easy. I’ve since learned that in grasslands (we’re surrounded by them) a fire can travel 20 mph on a dead still day, and much faster with strong winds. Now I cringe when I see fireworks, or pass a fireworks sales booth.


Someone do a prison sentence reveal party for them… fucking please.


The fact that this article doesn’t end with a paragraph reading simply “The child was a boy/girl.” is a real missed opportunity.