Democrats introduced a bill to rename more than 1,000 forests, lakes, and mountain peaks named with racist slurs or offensive language

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republicans are probably already trying to block it citing their “heritage”


I am introducing legislation to rename monuments after our current politicians: Matt Gaetz’s Swimming Pool for Children. Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s Crater of the Mind. Mitch McConnell’s Mound.


I understand why but censoring the slurs in the article makes it difficult to understand, especially for a foreigner unfamiliar with American racism


Thank you. Coming from a black geologist. I regularly read maps and have to shift through this stupid shit.


I read this expecting to read the names of some places with slurs that I didn’t know and would be more aware about in the future. Then I read this: >More than 600 places have the word “n—-,” a slur for Black people, in their name, according to a database from the US Geological Survey. In Oklahoma there is Dead N—- Spring, so-named because a deceased Black person was found there, according to the USGS. JFC, I hate this timeline.