Dominic Cummings says he’s not certain Brexit was a good idea. Architect of Vote Leave campaign says anyone sure on issues like Brexit has ‘a screw loose’

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Just so people don’t misinterpret – he says anyone on *either* side of Brexit who claims to know the full picture has a screw loose. Which is an improvement I suppose, because the obvious conclusion is that, if nobody has the full picture of Brexit, it shouldn’t be left to a stupid simple majority referendum, but his statement is still very, very far away from regret over Brexit.


To anyone who hasn’t seen it, see “Brexit: The Uncivil War” with Benedict Cumberbatch. Dominic was one of the masterminds behind the whole thing!


Seemed like a bad idea that would only cause chaos in Europe and weaken NATO.


Guy has been trying to launder his reputation for the last couple months. Don’t let him.


It’s a little too late to cry now. You’re up shit creek. Find a paddle.