Donating my kidney to my mom 🩸

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You really (potentially) shouldn’t be out long for donating. My sister donated a kidney my way 14 years ago. Her recovery was quick. You should talk to your hr department about family medical leave or short term disability. I think she was only out a couple weeks at most. It’s a laparoscopic surgery and the side effects aren’t bad. Your mum will have a much harder recovery – I wish her the best! Edit: well, I guess it also depends on the type of work you do – my sister works a desk job Edit 2: based on feedback below it seems there is a range of recovery times and differ t surgical methods still used. My sister was really healthy before surgery and her longest scar is about 3-5 inches on her side. No hand entered her to remove the kidney. It was all laparoscopic tools. It might be worth noting this was at a leading transplant center in the US nation’s capitol – so ymmv (better or worse I don’t know)


When you mention Disability, are you talking about a work sponsored short term disability? When I donated a kidney, I didn’t have a lag in income when I went onto disability. But I did all of the necessary paperwork BEFORE the procedure.


You tell all your creditors that you have a medical emergency in the family and will be unable to meet your obligations for a while. Tell them you need them to work with you. You will be surprised who will help you. First priorities are health, food, shelter, and family, second priority is paying creditors. Eventually you will have to work your way out, but that is a problem for another day. In the meantime keep excellent records of communications and obligations. For those creditors who are unwilling to help, you pay what you can on a regular basis until you can catch up.


When my husband donated to our 2 yr old son he took 6 weeks off work. He used a combination of vacation and sick leave so he wasn’t out any pay. He did need every bit of his 6 weeks to recover and he was a healthy fit 30 yr old. And just an FYI, I don’t know if it is true for anyone else but it took a full year before he felt totally himself.


We did a fundraiser for my friend when he donated a kidney. Made sure he had a few thousand to pay for hotel/gas when he needed to go to the hospital (it was about 4 hours round trip to the hospital) and so he felt comfortable with expenses while he was out of work. In addition to his disability his employer had a charitable fund that gave him a little money too.