Dubai is making its own fake rain to beat 122F heat

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Fake is an unfortunate term for artificially induced rain. It’s not like they’re sprinkling it from helicopters.


> Scientists created rainstorms by launching drones, which then zapped clouds with electricity, the Independent reports. Jolting droplets in the clouds can cause them to clump together, researchers found. This is some of the most sci-fi shit I’ve read happening in the real world in a while


Cloud seeding. When I was a kid at camp one summer, when it was hot, humid, and cloudy but it wouldn’t rain, a counselor took a rifle and would shoot at the sky hoping for such a reaction.


I was expecting some guy on top of a tall building with a hose, not drones zapping clouds to produce actual rain. Wow


So did it help reduce the hottest temperatures? and how often can they do it?