Dutch authorities fine Italian pharma company Leadiant for increasing rare-disease drug price by more than 30,000%

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“The Italian drug manufacturer Leadiant has been fined €19.6 million by Dutch market regulator ACM for excessively increasing the price of an important drug… In 2008, Leadiant acquired that drug from another manufacturer. At the time, the medicine cost €46 for 100 capsules. In 2009, Leadiant raised the price to €885, and in 2014, the company again raised the price, this time to €3,103 for 100 tablets. In 2017, the company received the right to be the only CDCA-based drug on the European market for a period of ten years. Soon afterward, they increased the price for 100 tablets to €14,000. That is a 30,335% increase compared to the 2008 price. And it meant that the drug cost about €153,000 per year for one patient.”


Is the fine larger than the profit they made? If not it’s just part of the cost of doing business.


Who do they think they are? An American pharma company?


So…a fine for doing this thing, but you can continue to do the thing? Interesting form of punishment…


To paraphrase Deepthroat in the movie All The President’s Men; “Now don’t tell me you think this was all the work of one Martin Shkreli.”