Easy taco salad or lettuce cups – cheap, healthy, customizable!! ~250 cals and 28g protein, recipe in comments!

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Check out my healthy food ig (@mogrubs) for more quick and easy, healthy recipes! **recipe** **ingredients** – lettuce – salsa of choice – 4oz ground Turkey, or meat of choice – 4 TBS cup non-fat Greek yogurt – ~15g lite Mexican blend cheese – spices to taste! **directions** 1) chop lettuce, add all ingredients to a salad bowl 2) enjoy! (Macros for salad bowl, roughly): – 250 calories – 7C/10F/28P **ETA: I used garlic salt and lemon pepper with my turkey. Added Everything But the Bagel Seasoning from Trader Joe’s on top.


Don’t you put any spices with the meat?


So vibrant, looks delicious, thanks for sharing


I had this for dinner last night! My favorite low-cal dressing is mixing a tablespoon of sour cream with three or four tablespoons of salsa. 45 calories of yum! I skip the cheese too–after everything is mixed together, I can barely taste it.


I do this for every lunch, but I use Costco canned chicken salad for almost instant protein