Eating processed meat raises risk of heart disease by a fifth. Researchers found that eating 50g per day of processed meat, including bacon, ham and sausages, increased the risk of heart disease by 18% owing to its high salt and saturated fat content.

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Title is incorrect. According to the study eating the meat was ASSOCIATED with an increased risk of heart disease. That does not mean that eating that meat increased the heard disease risk.


Let’s please include the caveats that most pop-science articles don’t: If one has a 5% risk of heart disease, an 18% increase changes your 5% baseline to 5.9%.


This is the science subreddit. Submit the link to the trial not the link to an news article….. thats bad science


What if you have a low body fat percentage? Do we have many bodybuilders with a fat related heart disease? I know their hearts can suffer from overworking it. If you eat a lot of processed meat aren’t you more likely to be overweight and therefore more likely to suffer from heart disease?


I thought eating saturated fat being bad was accepted as old since since the early 2000s, we looping back to no longer eating eggs for fear of cholesterol?