Elizabeth Warren says Jeff Bezos ‘forgot to thank all the hardworking Americans who actually paid taxes’ after his space flight

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You know what really gets me? How is it that a small handful of people can have so much money that their pet projects are getting into space. Think about that for a second. When I think about that I’m slapped in the face that “getting” to space, moon, etc. used to be the stuff of nations. A few humans have so much money that their pet projects are getting to space. This used to take a whole nations wealth to achieve. In fact, most nations cant possibly imagine funding such a project and only a few have. This, if anything else, should show you how completely pants on head crazy it is that one person can have so much money/power. Its on par with the Cesars, Khans and as recently as the Rockefellers and Carnagies. Its unsustainable.


You’d think with all that money, he could hire a decent PR person to not make him look like a total asshole all the time


*”This flight never would have been possible without the thousands of you that I made piss in empty bottles. Congratulations to me on reaching the stars, the rest of you just focus on your productivity ratios.”*


All his space technology is rooted in NASA projects, paid by federal taxes that his trillion dollar company doesn’t pay.


Jeff Bezos does not avoid taxes because he’s a piece of shit. He avoids taxes because it’s perfectly legal to do so. I get that Warren can score some points here but focusing on Bezos is just a distraction from the many many long-standing political failures in this country that have led to where we are now. There will always be assholes who take advantage of the system. The system needs to change and that’s not Bezos’ fault. Warren knows this but still continues to pester the guy like he’s the one who wrote the tax code.