Ex-Army Ranger weaponized military training to aid Capitol rioters, judge says

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Weaponized military training seems redundant


>Magistrate Judge Michael Harvey said. Harvey went on to say that the rioters “appeared disorganized” until Morss, who was “in his element” as a former Army Ranger, began issuing instructions. >Harvey also noted, police found a notebook in his car with a page entitled “Step by Step To Create Hometown Militia.” The plan included a list of supplies, including an assault rifle, and steps such as “battle drills” and “ambush.” The search also uncovered an unconstructed Lego set of the Capitol building and six firearms. Investigators have not found the assault rifle mentioned in Morss’ notebook. I can see the argument. All a disorganized mob needs is someone with a loud voice and a plan to get them pointed in the right direction. Inertia takes over after that.


I still can’t believe people were willing to try and overthrow the government so that Trump could stay in power – going to jail for the stupidest president we’ve ever had. Edit: Just because Trump insurrectionists had a very dumb, poorly thought out idiotic plan, doesn’t mean they weren’t trying to overthrow our government. They weren’t sacking the capital for the lols. If you’re still a Trump supporter and have a hard time understanding this, just imagine all the rioters were Hispanics or blacks and they were trying to keep Obama in power.


oh the ucmj for these special individuals needs to be as heavy handed as allowed. they swore an oath and then committed treason against that oath.


Don’t worry, all the MAGA muppets will chime in to tell us all how it wasn’t a real insurrection because it doesn’t meet <xyz> arbitrary criteria.