Fewer jobs, more robots and lots of women at home: 4 charts that show how Covid-19 changed America’s workforce – As masking and social distancing measures became a norm in day-to-day life, many employers upped investment in automation technology…

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This was the best year in the history of robotics, for industry adoption, sales and advancement.


I personally think that while this situation with the pandemic is unfortunate for many, it is a necessary disruption of the status quo. It follows an idiom I learned from Jason Silva on a YouTube video about Change that I still (and will always) value: “Disruption makes things new again, it makes ideas fresh.” The pandemic is no different, it is forcing us to rethink entire aspects of our society, economy, and way of life. One of the many things that is yet to be upended by the pandemic is legislation in regards to these changes to our lives. How are our elected officials going to react to these changes? What legislation will be put forth to preserve the flow of money in the everyday life of the citizen in the wake of automation? Are we as a society moving away from the concept of “jobs” completely? Will we see a viable alternative to the labor force of the common citizen? I personally can’t wait to find answers to all of these questions. It all has a very “Venus project” feel to it (feel free to look that up, it’s neat). It’s been my opinion for years that the development of our society, government, economy, market, and social structure have been entirely lacking in many ways, and simply has not been addressed in terms of our growing society. The pandemic and our reaction to it seems to be the upending answer to those concerns. I can’t wait to see where it all goes…


They don’t define the units in that graph on automation so I don’t know if 0.2 is 2% or 0.2 million or what, but please tell me more about these 0.2 elementary school teachers who apparently have been replaced by robots?


For any other ex employed victims of the government lockdown, there’s a certain sub you’d very much like to visit. You’re not alone at r/antiwork


The great reset is in full motion, the second wave of lockdowns will take more businesses and freedoms from the working class, the fear of dying from a virus will completely change the way we have lived for generations to come and the young will be taught it’s okay to give full trust in their war hungry over controlling government while they bleed them dry of any resources they have. Or it’s just businesses realizing humans are a shitty work force and can easily be replaced by robots like some episode of the twighlight zone