Five Powerful Heat Domes are Spreading over the Northern Hemisphere as Dozens of Countries Continue to Record their Highest Temperatures Ever Observed Including Northern Ireland

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So now we have the opposite of the Winter Polar Vortex, the Summer Heat Dome. Wonderful. This should be exciting.


Person from Northern Ireland checking in. It’s getting pretty spicy outside here and we do not have air conditioning in our houses. Until now it was completely unnecessary.


So maybe it was bad to cover everything that we touch in asphalt and glass… 🤔


Every time I read about something like this, I think of Donald Trump, in the middle of winter, saying, “We sure could use some of that global warming huh?” My conservative coworkers have been parroting that line (which I’m sure Trump yoinked from someone else) since the day he said it. Every winter, it’s the same shit. I hate people.


We need a carbon absorption Manhattan project. All nations of the world should contribute resources into combatting this. Our reduce / reuse / recycle mentality has only served to recycle the problem into new forms of business that do nothing but make money off the issue while fixing nothing. Carbon credits etc. Humans were smart enough to kill the planet, maybe this is the great filter.