“Flagging” misinformation isn’t enough: COVID is resurging because the right gobbles up lies

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>Folks aren’t getting vaccinated because they have real concerns. It’s because they live in right-wing America and have been made to feel that getting the vaccine is disloyal to Donald Trump, disloyal to Fox News, and above all else, a great way to stick it to the liberals. This sums up my personal experience with the anti-vaxxers in my family.


At this point, I really find it hard to have sympathy for anyone who’s actively an anti-vaxxer and ends up hospitalized from COVID. The information is out there. Vaccines are fucking free and readily available in most places. If you choose to ignore all of that and get sick, that’s your own damn problem.


The right seeks out misinformation. Aggressively.


It’s a sickness — an actual mental illness — that causes people to need to consume so much inflammatory falsehoods about your own compatriots, neighbors, friends and family members. The sad reality is that many Republican voters are afflicted with it. Turn off Fox News and Facebook for a month and join society again.


The GOP should be abolished.