Former informant ‘White Boy Rick’ sues FBI for $100m

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A freaking life sentence for possession of cocaine for a 17 y/o? Seems a bit harsh.


Good. That kid was a victim of entrapment in the worst degree. Took the fall for the crimes of pretty much every gangster in his area when he was just a kid. Set up and abandoned by the FBI. I hope he gets whatever he’s asking for.


The Feds really fucked this dudes life up. I hope he gets his payout.


Dude got a crazy story…


There have been at least a half dozen families I’ve known that had a first offense family member with more than 2lbs of Cocaine and they received life in prison. One family from Albania left like a million dollars at a Police Station thinking they would pay it off like the old country. To be fair paying a million-dollar penalty to get their son back, even for a few years of his life does make more sense than us feeding him forever. Makes you think