Half of the tech workforce wants to join a union

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I remember long ago an article speaking of how coders and other IT personnel are becoming more “blue collar” versus “white collar”. I can’t blame the workers though, as the changing economy and the way these companies treat workers is creating the need.


As they should


Define tech workers. Tech support? Programmers? Data center employees? All of the above? Your basic programmer doesn’t need a union. I enjoy my ability to bargain individually. I’ve never had an issue in regards to salary. If I feel I’m underpaid I go talk to my manager. If that doesn’t resolve it I go find another job.


What the hell group of tech workers did they interview. I’ve been in tech for 20+ years and absolutely no one I know wants to deal with a union.. Here are some bulletpoints why.. Posted previously elsewhere Tech workers don’t want unions and for damn good reasons. They almost completely ignore education / experience over seniority. The 65 year old that has been there for 25 years and doesn’t really work anymore, hasn’t kept up with with the industry. They get the promotion / transfer over someone who’s been there 10 years and is vastly more qualified. Unions are great for stunting personal growth of the individual. I don’t want 2-3% of my money going out the door to dues. If the majority decide to strike and you just can’t afford to you’re fucked, yes some unions have strike funds but good luck getting paid the same rate or getting paid if its an extended strike. If you leave the union your coworkers / friends now all hate you and won’t work with you again. Raises are only loosely based on your performance, if you performed amazingly your raise is still capped based on the bargaining agreement. You end up making the same as the person next to you who sucks at their job. Hard work is frequently discouraged. I’ve witnessed it first hand as have several of my friends that are in unions. If you’re a top performer you get bitched at for making other people look bad and are told to slow down. Innovation is heavily discouraged. Something else my friends have watched happen across multiple unions. If you come up with a way to increase output by 100% via a new tool, change in a process, etc it gets shut down immediately UNLESS it also means you need to hire an additional union member as part of the process improvement. If you look at the pro’s that most people have for unions, they’re mostly irrelevant in tech. Healthcare benefits – I don’t know anyone in the tech space that doesn’t have solid insurance through their employer. Job Security – I don’t know anyone who can’t leave and find a new job in short order, assuming they don’t suck at their job. Better wages – Everyone I know in the tech space is absolutely killing it. I’m consistently considered to be a top performer by management, I generally earn more than coworkers, and typically take larger raises then others. In the union world I would be making a lot less money and doing far less interesting work. Unions have nothing to offer me or 90% of my friends / acquaintances.


Isn’t this just down to shit American employment laws? Having been in tech my whole life, the benefits and conditions have consistently been pretty good, and that’s mostly working for US tech companies. I’m UK though.