Hong Kong police arrest former senior editor of Apple Daily

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Ah, /r/worldnews and China. Now, if this story gets any meaningful traction, we merely sit and await the arrival of the usual squad of tankies and /r/GenZedong to swarm in and explain, like clockwork, (a) this didn’t happen, (b) if it did, it’s not a big deal, (c) if it looks like a big deal, it’s because it’s CIA propaganda, and if for some reason that isn’t taking, there’s always … *sigh* (d) …. **but. what. about. AMERICA.**


As an Aussie, I recognise a Kangaroo Court. Be water.


I respect him for not backing down.


Fuck the CCP. Freedom of the press is a human right.


This isnt fair. Someone arrest the hong kong police.