How are you REALLY doing?

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Fucking exhausted bro


Best. My 17y/o nephew has been visiting all summer and I’m having the best time with him. We’re mountain biking, hiking, fishing and going on the lake. He’s helping around the house and has an internship at a local tour company. I was expecting this summer to suck but it is the most fun I’ve had in long time. Very glad he’s staying with us and I’m getting the chance to know him.


A little tired but in a chipper mood. Pay day on Friday and I have a bonus 30 hours of overtime due.


I. Just. Want. To. Sleep. I got about a total of an hour last night, had several low blood sugars (type 1). Just couldn’t keep them up. Then I got sick from all the glucose tablets, ungh. And I have to be to the pulmonary doctor at 9:30, and have a whole day of running around. But it could be worse, I could be dead, so +1, bring it.


Very lonely because I got divorced recently and my dog died. Anxious because my grandpa had a stroke and I need to take care of him. Lost because I don’t know who I am anymore. Also really fucking insecure because I do need validation from outside. Quite hopeless too. But I also feel strong and enjoy my life somehow, and try to have fun whenever possible. Because these moments are so contrasting to my overall situation, they seem really bright and meaningful