‘I hope you get hit by a car’: After customers berate staff, one restaurant in Massachusetts shuts for ‘Day of Kindness’

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Owners and management are also to blame. I hope it becomes the accepted norm that service staff is not forced to serve abusive customers. That’s why I moved from fine dining to bartending years ago. The money is just as good, but I was free to tell rude, difficult, abusive customers to fuck off. There is nothing as degrading as being forced to serve someone who has just insulted you. No one should have to do that. Time to transfer the inconvenience on to the abusers.


My wife works in retail and at least one person a shift is found in the break room sobbing because a customer spit on them, they’re told, not asked, that they have to do open-close all week because “no one wants to work anymore”, corporate said “we heard you want $15 an hour but how’s about a pizza from Pizza Hut?” And then you have the customers She’s had people pull down their masks and cough on her, people see her in her mask and immediately start being confrontational and corporate has said multiple times,” yeah we don’t care” Honestly, fuck it, she works at Guitar Center. Fuck Guitar Center, she’s worked there for 15 years and she’s a manager and GC can pay it’s fat ass incompetent CFO millions of dollars but apparently 7.25 is perfectly fine for workers who are absolutely essential but also fuck them for wanting a living wage. Guitar Center pays a group to scour through social media to find anyone talking shit about them so they can “rectify problems immediately” Fuck Guitar Center, Guitar Center treats their employees like shit.


yes yes, it’s *definitely* because people are lazy and don’t want to work. Not because everyone is fed the fuck up with being treated like shit for garbage pay and being told to be thankful for it. “return to normal” is an obscenity. Adapt or perish.


No surprise there. A buddy of mine works as a waitress and she told me how most of the first wave of clients coming into restaurants and bars are old and middle aged conservatives with a freaking God complex. Most of these people are also anti-vax or covidiots with no empathy towards anything but their own wants, who will see any inconvenience as a major attack to their ego.


Garbage customers are the other reason nobody wants to go back to work for shitty restaurant jobs.