I would love to see brokers allow automatic portfolio management.

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Check out M1 finance. It is designed to do this easily.


This would end up creating a lot of taxable events and at a short term gains rate.


As others have said M1 kind of does this. However I do not think daily rebalancing is optimal, there are still small exchange fees and also bid/ask spreads you would lose out on. Also strange volatility. Not to mention taxes and wash sales Usually monthly or quarterly rebalancing is optimal


Buying low and selling high is just selling off your best performing assets.


Number of companies are doing the roboadvising already. Depending on your thesis of company you may not want to sell even if it’s an outsized portion (ie long term plays or dividend compounds). Most importantly this is tax inefficient and the micro fees/spreads will eat into your margins. You wouldn’t want to rebalance any more than quarterly or annually.