If you had undeniable proof that (the Christian) god is real, would you worship him?

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A god that demands worship is not one worthy of it.


The god of the bible is a sociopath who commands genocide and murder, child genital mutilation, racism, rape and slavery. There are countless other examples of what a twatsicle he is beyond those. While endorsing these actions, he himself decides to murder indiscriminately, all while commanding that you love him, worship him and follow his teachings. Then this fucktard decides to torture his son to death in one of the least advanced areas of earth to forgive everyone cause they like fucking, eating pork and cutting their sideburns or whatever other terrible sins we commit. Oh yeah and he wants us to worship him on ZERO FUCKING evidence and threatens us with eternal torture if we don’t. No if he’s real I chose hell.


The entire idea of an all powerful god that demands (or even needs) worship from man-sized mayflies is absurd to the point of not even needing discussion.


Not if his character is accurately represented by the bible. Or Christianity in general. Because the god they worship is transparently evil and unworthy of worship.


If I lived in North Korea would I publicly express admiration and love for the leader? Probably, yes.