Israel’s President: Ben & Jerry’s Boycott Is Part of ‘A New Form of Terrorism’

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So a private company choosing not to renew their contract *in occupied territories, not Israel itself*, is “a new form of terrorism”, but bombing women, children, the elderly, schools, hospitals, and homes, these are “justified and measured reactions”? Something something glass houses and throwing stones.


Oh shit guys. I’ve never sold ice cream anywhere in the world. Am I a global terrorist now?


Ben & Jerry are TERRORISTS and months away from making WMD. It’s their secret new flavour they’re about to unleash on the worlds taste buds. BTW, fuck Isaac Herzog.


So let me follow this logic here… I personally refuse to purchase anything made in Israel due to their policies. This means I’m boycotting them. Therefore I’m a terrorist. And the corollary is: Every consumer on the planet has a legal obligation to always buy stuff from Israel.


Hahahahahahaha This is what Israel calls a “terrorist organisation” – an *ice cream company*. This is why nobody should take them seriously when they call Palestinians “terrorists.”