James Randi (2014) – An Honest Liar [1:22:51]

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Randi is one of my heroes, this is a killer documentary.


He exposed Uri Geller as the fraud that he is- Geller tried to sue him but as he is a big fat fraud he hadn’t a leg to stand on. Props to Randi, RIP.


I loved this documentary. Randi was such an interesting and unique man. He was driven by his empathy and disgust at the charlatans and thieves and liars. His personal relationships were fascinating as well. His really loved those around him. 11/10 man


One of the highlights of my past 10 years is watching this documentary while seated next to Mr. Randi. I had gone to SF’s Roxie theater, and there were a couple of seats empty next to me. Just before the start, someone came over in a hurry and asked if the seats were empty; I replied in the affirmative. Next thing I know, a diminutive, bearded man came over with a group, and sat down next to me. I was too shocked to register immediately that it was **The** James Randi sitting next to me! After I picked my jaw off the floor, I made small talk with him before the movie started. As the movie went on, he periodically commented on the scene, and made little jokes. He’s been my hero for decades, and to watch the doc sitting *with* him was something else. I still get goosebumps thinking about that night.


Being on the spot vs Randi must have been a terrifying experience, but those psychics should have predicted it and never gone up against him in the first place