Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Prevent Trump Becoming Unelected Speaker of House

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> A Democratic congressman has introduced legislation that would bar former President Donald Trump from being able to serve as speaker of the House of Representatives without being an actual member of that legislative body. > A little-known quirk of the Constitution grants members of the House the ability to name whomever they want to serve as speaker. “The House of Representatives shall choose their speaker and other officers,” Article I of the Constitution states. > In practice, there has never been a speaker of the House selected who was not also elected to serve in the House in the first place. But many Trump supporters have suggested that Republicans, if they win the 2022 midterm races, could name the former president to that role. > After that is done, these Trump loyalists have posited, Trump could lead the call for impeaching both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. If they are removed from office successfully, Trump, theoretically as speaker of the House, would then become president, as that position is the second in line (after the vice president) to the presidency.


I swear he’s finding every exploit and loophole like he’s playtesting our government.


I hate that this needs to be considered but if he’s the Speaker after he loses to Biden in 2024 then he will refuse to allow the joint session of congress to occur for the certification of the electoral votes. In that scenario, he could become the acting president by January 2025 by default. Don’t take this kindly, we can not allow him into the speakers seat. Tell all of your friends to please vote Blue in the midterms.


Imagine Trump as Speaker of the House. He would actually have to do something.


It’s not to prevent Trump specifically. It’s merely requiring the speaker be an elected member of Congress, which currently isn’t the case.