LPT: Let people finish their sentences, even if takes them a moment to find a word or thought.

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I tend to do this a lot. Oftentimes to supplement their storytelling and show them that I am paying attention, but I have never considered it disruptive as I hadn’t been told otherwise. That said though, I am working on letting them finish before I give my opinion or if when they get stuck with their story, I sorta help them gather their thoughts by suggesting words to get them back into the story. I think it is all completely dependent on the context and situation e.g. formal/casual conversation or a meeting, but letting someone finish what they are saying and actually listening to them is always the safest and the correct thing to do.


It makes me so mad sometimes when people cut me off mid sentence. The second half of the sentence could honestly change the whole direction of the point i was trying to make. If they would only let me finish! Lol


I’m guilty of this so much. Have been working on it lately and gotten a little better. Still a work in progress!


Some of the best advice I ever got was to approach every conversation like the other person knows something you don’t – leads to far less interruptions and an overall more civil conversation. Edit: thanks for the internet points, friends! It’s how I show my wife I’m right sometimes.