LPT: Most plastics are not recyclable. The symbol is a lie.

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There’s a lot poor information being passed around in these comments. I have worked in plastic recycling industry for almost 10 years and the vast majority of household plastics are recyclable (plastic bags are generally not). Pots, tubs, trays and any type of bottle are almost 100% able to be turned into new products ie land drainage pipes used by farmers and road builders. The brigading going on here is quite sad, bleach, milk bottles etc are worth approximately £500 per tone in the current market (and this even before they are washed and granulated), and these values are only rising with the current worldwide shortages of raw materials.


A lot of recycling is not only a waste of money, its also bad for the environment. Take paper; we can and do grown plenty of trees, and we can grow more to produce more paper. But the logistics and processing of paper generates carbon and pollutants. If we want to make a real difference we should use more glass, which is much easier to recycle and is extremely abundant. Don’t use plastic bags, nor cloth reusable bags, paper is far better since the carbon in the bag was removed from the atmosphere by the trees grown to make the bag.. I wish more places did what costco does and reuse carboard boxes. I’d love to see investments in bio fuels for energy production. Why can’t we use bio fuels for home heating for instance? A cost analysis on replacing oil energy generators with bio fuels as well perhaps?


This kind of thinking would hopefully lead to more mindfulness during consumption.


I had no idea about the fake triangle.