LPT: Stop using sarcasm and or ridicule when arguing. You will see an immediate shift in your credibility, and any arguments you might have, will end civilly and with mutual respect to both parties.

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How about we put this to the test right here. Someone make an argument with me. Shovels are just comically large spoons.


People saying it doesnt work have never debated with people they actually care about lol. If its an argument on the internet, joke and humiliate away, whatever. But being sarcastic in real life as a part of a “serious”, debate or argument is completely out of line and may even be called out by someone around.


I also let the other person finish. I know this sounds overly simplistic, but when someone doesn’t feel heard shit escalates quickly. Especially in the heat of an argument someone may take a bit longer to express their full thought. I give a pause of 5 seconds after someone is done talking in case they weren’t actually done. It’s a teeny tiny thing to do but makes the other person feel like you’ve processed everything they said before responding. Also gives you more time to process. 🙂


This LPT is only applicable in certain places and cultures. In Ireland sarcasm is part and parcel of the way we communicate.