Make Republicans Defend Their Opposition to Voting Rights Bills

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I argued with one, and in the end he admitted he didn’t think ‘some people’ should vote. He perceives himself as ‘deserving’ the right to vote, while others were ‘undeserving’. I would call it racist, but it seemed to be as much that only his opinions were valid. And that all others were ‘communist’ or something.


Theyd just start reading phone books again. Republicans havent been able to coherently defend their positions on anything in half a century.


They don’t care. With all the bills moving at the state level, they will take their chances that they will be able to legally steal every election starting in 2022.


Democrats need to move forward and everything they can on Infrastructure, marijuana, voting, student debt, etc, etc. Stopping to argue/expose with Republicans is futile. Voters don’t care!! Trump’s own Sec of State, Sex of Defense, Chief of Staff, etc publicly denounced him and Trump is still loved by the Right. McConnell wiped his arse with the notion of not filling a SCOTUS before an election, bug flip flop, no one voter gave two sh!ts. There are no points to be scored proving Republicans are fakes. Their supporters simply do not care. Democrats should put ALL their energy into passing legislation.


All they need to do is muddy the water, which is what they do. They put forth arguments that sound reasonable on the surface for people without any understanding of the issue or the history of the issue. They say they want secure elections. And that doesn’t sound bad. They have a hard time with things that hit different populations differently. A complete lack of empathy for anyone other than themselves and their narrow worldview. If it’s good enough for me, etc.