Man scouted Ohio college in mass shooting plot to ‘slaughter’ women, feds say

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Incels, man. Look, you know that whole thing about if you smell shit all day, chances are high you should check your shoes? If half the population of the human race doesn’t want anything to do with you, chances are high that it’s you. And that’s a problem with a solution *if you’re willing to admit it*. It’s not the slope of your forehead, it’s not some mysterious desire women have for bad boys. I knew a guy who lost half his face in a fire and he was happily married to a lovely woman. Grow up and stop drinking poison.


Whenever I hear these reports, I just wonder how many more like him are out there, undiscovered.


“The same day, Patel said, Genco allegedly searched online for topics including “planning a shooting crime” and “when does preparing for a crime become an attempt?” Haha holy shit he googled how to do his crimes


Dude could have sorted himself out and built a life for himself, now he could get a life sentence and die a virgin in prison, even reaching some old ass age and he never even got to kill any “foids”. Is it irony that he’s kinda just sealed his own “incel” fate? Edit: I doubt he’ll get the full life but it’s ten years for the machine gun thing so he could be 31 before he gets out. It’s so bizzare, it’s like he wanted this identity for himself, he was on the forum since 2019, this dude reached the age of consent and was like “wtf why haven’t women given me sex yet?” what does that to a person? There’s plenty of well adjusted people who happen to be virgin well past his age and they aren’t even a spec as weird about it as this dude..


I was bitter and angry about being single when I was in my twenties. I ended up randomly surfing forums one night and came across a blog that was titled “heartless bitch” or something of the like. That blog was the first time I read a woman’s perspective of guys like me. It wasn’t a good feeling. This heartless bitch spelled it out real clear, if every woman I met was a heartless bitch then the problem was clearly me. It made me take a look at what I had to offer vs what I was expecting out of a mate. It started a years long change that led me to an internal happiness and love for myself – whether I had a woman in life or not. Things got better. I’ll be looking at ten years with my wife next year. If you’re a lonely dude in your twenties and think you can’t change, I’m living proof that you can. If you happen to be the woman who had a blog titled “heartless bitch” sometime around ’03-’04…thanks for the blunt advice. Boy did I need it.