Marjorie Taylor Greene refuses to reveal if she has been vaccinated when quizzed

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Refuses to answer, that’s a definite yes.


These giant pieces of shit are getting vaccinated while telling everyone else not to….just to drum up fucking VOTES….and anger. The Republican party needs to go. They are a detriment to the entire world. No, they aren’t all Marjorie Taylor Greenes. But you know what? They’ve enabled this crap for decades and allowed it to grow into what it’s become, and STILL refuse to do anything about it. Fuck them.


Yes. The answer is yes.


When you ask someone a yes or no question and they refuse to answer it’s the answer that will get them in trouble 100% of the time. Of course she is vaccinated but she can’t spread her bullshit about being antivax while also publicly acknowledging she willingly took a vaccination. Her refusal to answer this question is clear to everyone but luckily her base isn’t filled with critical thinkers so they won’t see the obvious and won’t question it either.


That’s between her and her veterinarian.