Men have a bigger carbon footprint than women, thanks to their appetite for cars and meat

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This is the first time I’ve seen the textile industry referred to as “low emitting products”. Which coincidentally women on average buy far more of.


After reading the paper, the difference in sexes stands out with holidays and transportation. The effect of a higher meat diet in men was offset by the purchases of health/clothes/furniture products by women. I didn’t really see where they were coming up with a difference in transportation emissions though. It seems I need to read some more paper related to transportation and holidays. Edit: This is a study of single Swedish men and women. Edit: Also, the point of the paper was to look at what changes could be made in the primary CO2 sources food and holidays, and what purchasing habits could be changed in for example furniture.


Or maybe men tend to work further away from home


Scooter and motorcycles deserve more love.


Carbon footprint of news networks in glass buildings with CEOs with salaries hundreds of times higher than hourly employees?