My friend wants me to invest in an “investment group” but it just screams ponzi scheme to me and I don’t know how to prove it. Or legitimize it if I’m wrong.

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Do the multiple $40 deposits make him want to invest more and get his friends involved? That’s why he’s getting anything at all.


99% ponzi scheme 1% money laundering for criminals Stay away, OP


You cannot prove it to him. Instead, decline to invest and tell him why. Make it about your concerns regarding the company, not telling him not to invest.


>They guarantee at least 1% every day Scam. *Scam*. **SCAM** Anyone who guarantees returns is going to steal your money, especially a 1% daily return >Am I misunderstanding or is this company guaranteeing 365% returns every year? Higher than that, since it’d be daily compounding. >How can you definitively legitimize a financial institution or investment group anyways? Regulatory filings (that you find yourself) is usually the easiest way but not fullproof (See Bernie Madoff)