No Black parents, teachers or scholars invited to Missouri hearing on teaching race

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A Missouri legislative committee on Monday held a hearing on how educators teach K-12 students about race and racism without hearing from any Black Missourians. No Black parents, teachers or scholars testified to the Joint Committee on Education during the invite-only hearing on critical race theory. Aside from an official from Missouri’s education department, the only people who testified Monday were critics of critical race theory, which is a way of thinking about America’s history through the lens of racism.


Of course they didn’t. Republicans don’t want schools to teach about the experiences of black people. Who would expect them to invite black people to share their experiences?


Plantation owner 1: Here’s the history of our very successful plantation, from the time Jedediah Smith and family, with nothing but very hard work and bravery and strength of character, cleared this land, planted and harvested cotton, and grew the thriving business that built this magnificent plantation house and propelled the Smith family into the highest reaches of our government! Plantation owner 2: Shouldn’t we tell them about the people we murdered so we could take the land this plantation is built on? Or the people we kidnapped and kept locked up out back? The ones who did all the actual work for us when we weren’t busy raping and murdering them? You know, the poor people who now live in shacks down the road? Plantation owner 1: Shut. Up.


Im sure the panel was screaming about CRT and about how “racism is over, we need to move on”.


“About us, without us.” That sums up how people of color have been circumscribed by us white Americans… the ultimate irony is excluding people of color from the conversation about including people of color in the history of America which includes acknowledging the exclusion of people of color throughout history. Sighhhh