Norway fined for not wearing bikini bottoms at beach handball match

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This is unfortunately super common in lots of women’s sports. Women’s gymnastics is currently having a fight to let women wear leggings or shorts to compete in. For some context, many female gymnasts have to use leotard glue to stick their leotard to their butt in order to avoid wedgies. It should also go without saying that body image and how one chooses to present themselves are two massively important factors. Finally, men’s gymnastics competes in shorts on floor and vault and in form pants (tight stretchy pants but not quite leggings) on the other 4 events, so there is already an acceptable gymnastics uniform incorporating more modest pieces of clothing. Shit is dumb. Some strides have been made but here’s to hoping all women’s sports will let athletes wear what they want.


Norway has been fined € 1,500 after their women’s beach handball team did not wear bikini bottoms at a European competition. Norway’s players wore shorts in their bronze medal match against Spain at the European Beach Handball Championship in Varna, Bulgaria, on Sunday. >But the uniform violated the regulations of the International Handball Federation (IHF), which requires players to wear “fitted, low-cut bikini bottoms”.


Why is that even a rule?


Others have already gotten into how dumb this rule is so I will focus on: “The Norwegian Handball Federation (NHF) had stated that it was prepared to pay the penalty.” Maybe it’s a low bar to clear but I am glad the NHF valued their players comfort over the fear of a fine.


I love how this is legitimately pissing alot of people of. Love it! If the men can wear them, so should the damn woman!