Off-duty DEA agent arrested on Capitol riot charges

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>“According to Ibrahim’s friend, Ibrahim went to the rally in order to promote himself,” the OIG agent wrote. “Ibrahim had been thinking about his next move after leaving the DEA and wanted the protests to be his stage for launching a ‘Liberty Tavern’ political podcast and cigar brand.” I love how wannabe grifters saw the jan 6 insurrection as a marketing opportunity


“The saddest part about this,” Ibrahim added, “is I can’t serve my country anymore.” ++++ That’s the saddest part? Not the 5 lives lost or the damage to our democracy. Liberty or death indeed.


>“When the crowd began to be hostile toward law enforcement, me being law enforcement myself I started to document everything,” Ibrahim told host Tucker Carlson, adding he later gave the materials to the FBI “so those criminals could face justice.” Yeah, and I bought all that meth to get it off the street, and I was only visiting that prostitute to lecture her on how faithful I am to my wife…


Get fucked, traitor. No quarter for terrorists.


An anti-election rioter? And a DEA motherfucker ruining peoples lives on the government dime? Fuck that guy twice.