Panel chair says Trump will be part of Jan. 6 inquiry

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> He said Trump and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy are among the key witnesses in the investigation, largely because the California Republican was on the phone with Trump when the attack was taking place. Their testimony will be amusing.


Trump: “I don’t know January 6. I don’t know that guy.”


I’ll believe it when I see it. Trump will refuse to cooperate and face zero consequences for doing so.


At some point plausible deniability isn’t plausible. Michael Cohen, Stone, Flynn, and others are FELONS today as a direct result of crimes committed to benefit Trump. Rudolph Giuliani lost his ability to practice law on NY for Trump. And the protesters who stormed the Capital did so for Trump. The insistence that Trump wasn’t involved in any of, Trump is literally a named co-conspirator in Cohen’s charges, is gas lighting.


Do this right; history is watching