Pasadena To Require City Workers To Be Fully Vaccinated

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What’s funny is that when I entered college, they forced everyone to get vaccinations. I lost my immunization records and had to take them again and saw a lot of people needed to take them too. No one complained. What were they going to do, miss a year and apply to more schools?


It’s simple. Communities with vaccination rates above 75% don’t have nearly as many cases as those with rates below 50%. Vaccines work. They’re effective at reducing deaths, hospitalizations, and even new cases. Communities with Herd Immunity no longer need to be concerned with Covid, apart from the possibility of new variants that may render vaccines useless.


As a former Pasadena resident, this makes me miss it just a bit more.


Aren’t most COVID vaccine makers in the US shielded from liability if something goes wrong? If we’re going to start mandating them, it would stand to reason we should be waiving those liability protections, no?


More places and companies should do this. Unlike the governor of my state, Florida. Mutations happen all the time. If we would of all collaborated to mitigate them, we wouldn’t be in this spot. I’m no authoritarian. Far from it. There are somethings we can’t leave up to the people as we generally don’t do the right thing.