People would love to be able to fly because it is always portrayed with no effort. If it took lots of energy and required training (like swimming or running), it would probably be a seldom used ability.

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Logic: Flying is like running Me: slowly hovers everywhere


I disagree. There would be tons of people flying, as the time saved cutting over large housing areas and not having to go to streets/back alleys would be worth the energy spent. Not to mention doing it at night would probably spare a lot of people a lot of fear when walking home alone. Running/swimming serve little to no purpose in those regards. Swimming even less so.


If we could Condor it and glide on thermals to save energy, I would so be there. But to buzz like a hummingbird, no thanks.


What? People can swim and run. Can I do it a an Olympic level no. running short burst, Yes, swimming around for fun, Yes. So if I could fly I would use that shit for a bunch of little things all the time. Stairs, Finding my car in a parking lot, taking a shit, the possibility are endless


Every once in a while I have a dream where I can fly by flapping my arms. In the first like 8 dreams it was hard to get more than 6 ft off the ground and I couldn’t sustain it for more than a few seconds, but as I continued to have these dreams I got better and better at flying. When I got to the point where I was flying several miles at a time, several stories up, it was fun, but exhausting. The cardio was real. In my most recent one I had finally built up enough muscle power to where an average speed of flying didn’t require much effort.