Pisses me off when religious people insult atheism but if we say anything back weโ€™re terrible people

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A Christian or Muslim can have a cable access television show on which they give long speeches several times a week, about how gays ought to be put to death, atheists ought to be kicked out of the country, public schools ought to replace science classes with fairy tales taught as fact, women ought to be forced to be domestic servants and baby factories, and the vast majority of the human race deserves to be **tortured for eternity**. But so long as they’re not actively murdering the people they hate with their own two hands, these preachers still qualify as “mainstream”, and are in fact entitled to tax exemptions for doing this. If this preacher graciously says that gay people should get to *live* (so long as they promise to remain celibate, hate themselves for daring to be the way that God made them, and give up on trying to acquire anything resembling human rights), he might get bumped all the way up to “moderate” and “progressive” for his “daring new message of unity and reconciliation”. And yet the moment an atheist politely expresses her frustration with this state of affairs, she is immediately labelled as “extremist” or “fundamentalist” or “militant”. Does that seem fair to you?


I take solace in the fact they’re delusional


Why are you trying to protect thier feelings? I’m not being hostile here, I’m just saying that they don’t care about our feelings. We have no reason to take them seriously. I won’t go out of my way to insult them, but if they knock on my door with pamphlets, or stop me in public to speak about “the good word”, i let them have an ear full. They have the audacity to “correct” me when i say Happy holidays? Because i don’t say “bless you” when someone sneezes? ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ It’s silly. They believe in an ancient mythology that has nothing to do with reality, but we have to tip toe around them to not hurt thier feelings? Nope. Sorry. Can’t do that.


Well, I *am* a terrible person, who just happens to be atheist


When you say something, it’s you saying something. When they say something, it’s _”the word of god”_, so you’re not only being _”rude”_ when blaming them for what their god says, but also attacking their beliefs for going against that which their god says. Plus they actively look forward being victims. Jesus said they would be persecuted, so in their minds being victims fulfills that, and also there’s a lot of martyr fiction in the Bible, which they find inspirational.