‘Plausible’ evidence that Covid may have been circulating in Italy in October 2019

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I got very sick in Jan 2020 after traveling through three major us airports. People were already doomsaying and warning about the eventual supply shortage. I went back to work for a week after my return and we were all half heatedly joking/speculating how big the pandemic would be after we went from 1-5 cases overnight. Then I was the sickest I’ve ever been. I never caught covid when my while office had it later in 2020 I’m very confident this storm was brewing before stats caught up.


ITT: a bunch of people convinced they had COVID in 2019 because they had flu-like symptoms. There’s like 5 million severe cases of the flu every year. You were probably just that.


Reminder that Italy brings in a ton of Chinese workers to man their factories. Thats how luxury Italian brands can maintain a high profit to labour cost ratio – and still maintain the “Made in Italy” label. The suggestion that Covid-19 came from Italy – whether naturally occuring or otherwise, is highly improbable given that there are no known reservoirs for that family of virus there.


I work in a hospital lab in Switzerland and one thing I very clearly remember from early dec/january 2020 was that we had to do massive amounts of influenza tests. We even ran out of virus mediums and had to split them in two separate tubes to be able to do more tests. It was crazy. Unfortunately I don’t know how many of those tests turned out positive but it was definitely an extremly unusual situation. So many people came to the hospital with flu symptoms that we were expecting a really strong flu season. Well that didn’t happen. It wouldn’t surprise me if covid was around much longer than we thought. Just take a look at certain developing countries that seemed to be save from outbreaks for a long time until one day cases exploded. It certainly seems like it takes many months from initial cases to form a proper outbreak…


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